Monthly Archives: October 2014

October 18th Work Session

9am Session

The focus of the work session was to clean up the trash in the Park at the corner of Waterford Rd. and Oldknow Dr.  That area has been used as a dumping area for trash- tires, old fencing, tree limbs, and household garbage.

Thanks to all who helped us clean up:  Barbara Battle, Michael B. Drake, Pauline Drake, Gerald Evans, Jim Gantner, Leola McKinney, Joseph Mitchell, Millicent Norman, Isaac Robinson, and Morris and Rashida Wyatt.

12:30p Session

We were honored to have 11 members of the Fulton County Office of Children and Youth Commission, under the supervision of Reginald Crossley.  They spent time spreading mulch along the paths in the Park.  Our thanks go out to them.

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October 15th Urban Design Commission Meeting

Pauline Drake and Jim Gantner attended the City of Atlanta Urban Design Commission meeting on October 15th.  The UDC has to approve our plans for constructing the seating area at the Park entrance.

Jim Gantner made a brief presentation, and several questions were asked about the design and materials being used at the entrance.  The Committee gave us tentative approval, and hopefully we can start construction very soon.